Services for Fire Engineering

SFE SERVICES FOR ENGINEERING is an engineering company officially established in Milan in 2018 by Geom. Nicola Salis and Eng. Filippo Salis to give a strong and precise signal to the Fire Prevention reference market.

The Team boasts twenty years of experience-being a company of the SFRE Group-and is currently composed of a group of Fire Safety Professionals duly registered in the list of the Ministry of the Interior and part of the various Professional Orders and Colleges (Surveyors, Engineers, Architects, Agronomists, Chemists and Industrial Experts). Completing the picture are a series of collaborations with external Professionals that allow us to embrace all issues related to Fire Safety. We operate throughout the country; our main office is located in MILAN with offices also in Rome and Bologna. Our core-business - similarly to the companies of the SFRE group - is represented by practices related to the Logistics sector and therefore from a fire safety regulatory point of view referring to activity 70 under the reference decree DPR 151 of 01/08/2011.

The skills we have gained have led us to evolve with a comprehensive and integrated vision in all three design phases-Preliminary, Definitive and Executive-in addition to the high importance and professionalism demonstrated in Fire Safety Supervision.

The team of Professionals ranges with expertise related to both passive and active fire protection systems. Among the main added values, that of taking part in new Projects or Modifications to existing Activities that already see the presence of SFRE in other Services such as Project Management, Construction Management, Property Management, Facility Management, Technical Due Diligence, BIM, Sustainability ect. The perfect knowledge and application of the engineering approach through FSE (Fire Safety Engineering) that has allowed to be able to literally change the connotations to this discipline guaranteeing with innovation economic and technical advantages for the end user with the objective always to obtain the relative safety and improving some aspects of it. Contributing to the great value of the SFE group is the perfect knowledge of NFPA and FM-Global regulations.

SFE firefighting services

Our strengths


From the analysis of the business owner's needs to the purpose-built project


Application of comprehensive and integrated methodologies as a winning method


Maximum precision to bring risk to as low a level as possible